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Innovative design

The ZYTEQ Fire App allows customers to easily download the detector status via a smartphone and RFID reader. This data can be exported as a record of site inspection. Our integrated design simplifies installation and reduces cost.

Designed and Manufactured in South Africa

The dedicated ZYTEQ team have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of fire detection equipment for international markets.

Founded in 2014

ZYTEQ Fire has their own dedicated
manufacturing plant
and test facilities

Full System Solutions

ZYTEQ Fire partners with some of the world’s leading brand’s to offer a full range of products for all applications


  • Conventional Detectors
    Conventional Detectors
    Our conventional detection systems offers unrivalled reliability featuring the latest microprocessor...
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  • Conventional Panels
    Conventional Panels
    Offering affordable yet intelligent fire detection systems for small and medium sized applications, ...
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  • Extinguishing Systems
    Extinguishing Systems
    Zyteq Fire brings you the very latest in Conventional Extinguishing System technology. ...
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