The CHAMELEON-485-DTLOOP interface allows GFE’s range of addressable main panels to be interfaced to Repeaters, boxed Sub-Panels and/or NODES-SP panels using a 4-core data communication cable suitable for RS-485 data transmission using a common data communication loop in a ring topology.

This interface is used in the fire alarm control panel to provide a communication for the following:

1) A JUNIOR, analogue addressable panel, and its Mini-Repeater(s).

2) A JUNO NET panel and Juno Net Repeater(s), Mini-Repeater(s), Sub-Panel(s) and NODE-SP(s).

This interface is compatible with the following panels:

Key Features

  • JUNIOR, 1 & 2 Loop analogue addressable main panel
  • Mini-Repeater (JNR MINI-REP)
  • JUNO NET, expandable analogue addressable main panel
  • Juno Net Repeater (J-NET-REP)
  • NODE-SP’s & boxed sub-panels (J-NET-SPX)

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CHAMELEON 485 DTLOOP Installation guide