The GEKKO Fire Alarm Control Panel is the successor of the enormously popular GFE JUNIOR panel of which tens of thousands have been installed all over the world.

In line with the architecture chosen for the high end OCTOPLUS expandable panel, the GEKKO can have from 1 to 4 addressable loops but cannot be expanded further. It is housed in a functional ABS plastic enclosure, with only two screws used to close and secure the lid.

The graphic backlit LCD display can accommodate any type of custom characters or graphic symbols, allowing multi-language support, as well as pictorial and customisable elements.

Key Features

  • Standalone panel up to 4 loops
  • Loop capacity: 125 detectors/callpoints/modules & up to 96 sounders
  • PC Graphics data output
  • Seamless web integration using GFE-TCP-WEB
  • LCD display: Graphic 240×64 pixels
  • Switched auxiliary supply output

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