The unit is a loop powered addressable magnetic door release. It does not require external supply as it is directly powered from the loop. Activation of the unit is achieved using cause and effect programming as used for I/O unit.

A built in loop isolator is provided. When a short condition exists in either side of the loop connections a Yellow LED will be turned ON. Its operation will be reset after fault condition is removed.

The activation of the module can be achieved as part of the cause and effect programming of the panel and it operates in the same way as an I/O unit. This unit should normally be assigned to either a specific device or zone.

Key Features

  • Addressable Unit
  • Loop Powered
  • 4 Status Indicators: Coms, Fault, Released, Isolator
  • Max. 20 units per Loop
  • Built-in Loop Isolator

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GFE-DHA ISOLATOR Installation guide