GFE-TCP-WEB is a new interface for TCP/IP communication, which will bring new functionalities to JUNIOR V4, JUNO NET and ORION-PLUS (coming soon) panels. It uses our data-loop protocol and an external web-server to send and receive information from panel. In this way, supervision over individual systems via web browser can be achievable easily.

Panel status and operation is accomplished via an HTML5 webpage hosted in server provided by GFE in several languages and remainder customization options. Network and web-server configurations are stored via available USB connector.

More details, please contact us.

Key Features

  • No port forwarding
  • Free web-server account
  • 24/7 panel monitoring
  • Compatible with majority of web-browsers
  • Easy remote technical support

Download Brochure

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GFE Catalogue

GFE-TCP-WEB Installation guide