The OCTO+ Fire Alarm Control Panel is the successor of the enormously popular J-Net panel of which tens of thousands have been installed all over the world. In line with the architecture chosen for the smaller GEKKO addressable panel, the OCTO+ can have from 1 to 4 addressable loops and can be networked using the CHAMELEON network protocol, up to 32 panels can be networked in a single system via copper and fibre.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 loops per panel
  • Networkable up to 32 panelsLCD display: Graphic 240×64 pixels
  • USB connection for fast PC communication
  • Built-in Fire & Fault relays
  • Seamless web integration using GFE-TCP-WEB
  • Built-in programmable INPUTS
  • Switched auxiliary supply output
  • Removable Chassis
  • Loop capacity:
    – 125 detectors/call points/modules
    – 250 devices per loop if shadow mode is used
    – Up to 96 sounders
  • Support for non-European languages
    (Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, etc.)
  • PC Graphics data output
  • Increased cause/effect programming:
    – Customizable delay options
    – Logic functions between Zones/devices
    – 1024 programmable zones
    – 1024 programmable IO groups
    – 1024 programmable Sounder groups
    – Event Log with 10000 entries (FIFO)

Download Brochure

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