The ORION-BCM LSC is a self contained EN54-4 Battery Charger Module with an integrated Loop Sounder Circuit that is controlled and monitored through GFE addressable loop. It also incorporates internal Alarm and Fault relays.

When connected to the analo gue detection loop of any of GFE’s analogue addressable panels, the ORION-BCM LSC occupies two consecutive addresses in the loop. In addition to the PSU output for powering external devices, it also includes a Conventional Sounder output, which substantially increases its scope of usage. Activation of sounder output can beachieved either by addressable system cause-effect programming as a normal addressable sounder or directly at the ORION-BCM (access code required).

Key Features

  • One supervised Conventional Sounder Circuit
  • Dedicated battery charger for Sounder Circuit and Auxiliary Power
  • Addressable Loop Interface with fault report feedback and sounder acknowledges
  • EN54 part 4 compliant

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ORION BCM LSC Installation guide