South African Manufacturing Facility

Unique African footprint.

The team at ZYTEQ Fire has decades of experience in the design, manufacture and support of fire detection equipment for international markets. Operations include an ISO9001 certified plant with dedicated EN54 test facilities. The use of modern manufacturing best practices ensure high quality products at competitive prices.

Ease of

Multiple devices in a single unit, to suit all applications.

Our addressable range of products include a Multi-Sensor with built-in Sounder and Beacon, Programmable Voice Sounder and Addressable Door-Holder amongst others. This integrated design approach simplifies installation and reduces cost. Our, fully certified, ZA831 Multi-Sensor Sounder Beacon combines 4 devices in one unit. The ZA831 is ideally suited for hotels, student residences, hospitals and offices. This fully integrated unit is configurable to suit all applications.

Full System

Comprehensive, engineered solutions for all requirements.

We have partnered with Global Fire Equipment, a leading manufacturer of fire detection equipment based in Europe. We supplement this range by offering specialist fire detection equipment from some of the worlds leading brands. These include aspirating, linear heat, flame and linear beam detection technologies.

Quality and

We satisfy Customer requirements with proven systems at very competitive prices.

Our Quality staff are on hand to attend to equipment failures on site. We have state-of the-art facilities to conduct tests to EN54 standards. These include smoke and heat test chambers. Fully comprehensive tests are conducted and reports are compiled detailing the exact nature of the failure as well as any remedial action that needs to be carried out. This service is not generally offered by other fire detection equipment suppliers in the region. Ongoing research by our R&D and Supply Chain teams ensure that we are able to offer high quality products that are among the most competitive in the industry.

Control Panels

Our Control Panels feature powerful functionality and user friendly control, offering a complete solution to any requirement, conventional or addressable; single or multi-area.

Each Control Panel is manufactured to the highest standards, providing extensive configuration options, feature rich engineer and user functions all at an unrivalled value.


Stylish Addressable & Conventional range of Smoke, Heat and Multi-sensor detectors with cost effective integrated sounder/beacon options.

The Zyteq FIRE range of detectors offer our customers both high value and good reliability. All devices feature highly advanced optical chamber designs and advanced detection & discrimination algorithms.

Audible and Visual

Our stylish range of base-mount and wall-mount sounders offer optional visual flashing indication and are available in both Red and White. Due to the very low current consumption in alarm, which can be as low as 2.5 mA in addressable models, a maximum of 96 sounders may be connected to a single loop.

Addressable & Conventional range of wall sounder/beacons and Voice Evacuation solutions for internal or external use.

Manual Call Points

Our manual call point range offers resettable frangible elements which means that there is no breakable glass to be replaced after each activation.  They also feature a LED status indicator for both addressable and conventional models.

Addressable & Conventional Interior and exterior resettable Call Points with bi-colour status LED’s.

Addressable Door Release

Our addressable door holder is very cost effective and easy to install. It does not require external supply as it is directly powered by the addressable the loop. Activation of the unit is achieved using cause and effect programming as used for I/O units.

A standard conventional unit is available as well.

Power Supplies

Zyteq FIRE offers a range of power supplies incorporating battery chargers that may be used with all our addressable and conventional equipment. They are supplied in sturdy ABS enclosures that include battery compartments.

Our power supply units are certified in Europe to EN54-4.


Variety of Addressable line modules, for interfacing your fire alarm with other systems, are available.

Addressable panels may be networked using Fibre Optics, RS422 copper and TCP/IP, using in-house interface modules. A TCP/IP interface is available to connect to our OWL Graphics Interface (GUI). We also have solutions to interface to third party Building Management Systems (BMS) using the popular Modbus protocol. Remote monitoring is possible using our Webserver interface that is Wi-Fi enabled.


The Zyteq FIRE range of modules can be used to monitor and control a wide range of fire related systems. Various combinations of inputs and outputs are available for this purpose. Inputs include a dedicated Sprinkler Flow-switch module. We have output modules that can control low voltage (usually 24Vdc) as well as high voltage mains systems.

In addition to sprinklers we have inputs that can monitor items like fire doors and emergency generators. Our outputs can be used, among other things, to shut down air-conditioning plants and control fire damper and smoke extract systems.


Our software allows control and observation of an installed system including the location of a suspected fire or fault.

We have solutions for Graphics User Interfaces (GUI) applications, programmable voice sounders as well as tools for loop load and battery calculations.

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