The QUAD-ZMU is a fully monitored addressable module which is used to connect up to four individually addressed zones of current-limited conventional detection devices to the ZYTEQfire Addressable control panel via the detection loop.

The module requires an external 24V DC power supply and a Green LED indicates supply presence. Active End of Line monitoring is available when Schottky diodes are added to detector bases.

The detection Zones and their supply voltage are optically isolated from the addressable detection loop which allows the use of a local power supply. If that supply fails, a fault condition is reported at the control panel.

The status of each zone is indicated by two LEDs. A Red LED signals Fire, Yellow indicates Fault on that zone. The normal state is indicated by neither LEDs being illuminated.

Each Zone can be programmed to reply as a Zone Monitor, Flame Detector, Beam Detector, Aspirating Module or Linear Heat Device for better discrimination of Alarm status source. (For more information about the programming mode please refer to the QUAD ZMU programming manual).

Certified in Europe to EN54-18