The MAM allows the connection and addressing of Conventional Detectors, Call Points, Micro Input, Micro Output and Conventional Sounder/ Beacon.

With its small physical size and convenient 8 way DIL switch for address setting and configuration, the MAM provides
the facility to upgrade all the components of a conventional system to a full addressable system, making it an ideal
solution for retrofitting installations. The MAM is fully compatible with all our standard addressable modules, addressable
sounders, addressable manual call points and detectors facilitating extensions to existing systems.

To assist easy identification the MAM is supplied in 3 coloured plastic housings:
Red – Manual Call Point interface/ Micro Input Module
Yellow – Micro Output Module/ Loop Sounder/ Beacon Controller
White – Smoke/ Heat Detector interface.

Device type selection is by means of switch 8 on the DIL. Additionally the MAM-LSC can be set as a sounder or
beacon driver using switch 7. In Sounder mode the output is removed when a Silence Alarm signal is received
from the control panel. In Beacon mode the output remains active until the system is reset.