The ZA831 addressable Multi-Sensor Sounder Beacon features optic and heat sensors, combined with an integrated sounder and beacon. This integrated unit utilises only one address on the loop. Low power consumption and an advanced digital protocol provide a fast and reliable response to fire conditions. Combining the detection and Sounder/Beacon elements in a single device reduces cost and complexity. The sounder/beacon portion can be mapped separately if required. Detectors are addressed via a dipswitch at the rear of the device. The smoke or heat portion of the multi-sensor can be disabled at the panel or via the dipswitch. The ZA series of Addressable Detectors have been designed to be fully compatible with the ZYTEQfire G-ONE, GEKKO and OCTO+ range of intelligent control panels.

The ZA831 has been tested and certified in Europe to the EN54-3, EN54-5, EN54-7 and EN54-23 standards.