The VALKYRIE VOX AB is an Addressable Voice Sounder Beacon which is available in either red or white housings. The VALKYRIE VOX A voice sounder beacon is based on our successful Horn type sounder beacon. Up to 32 individually addressed sounder beacons can be installed per loop occupying an address in the range 94 to 125. It can also be configured in shadow mode. The address is set using switches 1 to 5 of the 8 way DIL switch.

With message selection directly programmable via the standard sounder programming of the G-One, GEKKO and OCTO+ panels, the VALKYRIE VOX AB, can broadcast up to 5 differentiated pre-loaded messages: Alert, Fire, Evacuation, Test and Silence Message. Custom messages can be created in our proprietary VOX Loader PC software. Messages are uploaded into the voice sounder via a standard USB interface. This product is Loop Controlled and Loop Powered.